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State Planning Policy

The Queensland Government has established a new approach to state planning policies that simplifies and clarifies state interests.

This new approach means that a single state planning policy has been developed to replace the multiple policies previously in existence.

The State Planning Policy (SPP) (PDF icon 5.4 MB) defines the Queensland Government’s policies about matters of state interest in land use planning and development and came into effect on 2 December 2013. The SPP identifies the state's interests in planning and development and how they must be dealt with in planning schemes, council development assessment processes and in designating land for community infrastructure. The SPP is a key component of Queensland’s land use planning system, which enables development, protects our natural environment and allows communities to grow and prosper.

The introduction of the SPP allows the state government to speak with a single voice and provides more clarity to local governments about how to make and amend local planning instruments and assess development applications, and assists developers preparing development applications. By expressing the state's interests in a comprehensive manner it will be easier for local government to reflect and balance state interests 'up front' in local planning schemes, ensuring the approval of the right development in the right location without undue delays.

Some state interests have supporting mapping to assist in spatially representing policies or requirements outlined in the SPP. There is mapping for both local government plan making and development assessment purposes. This mapping is contained in the SPP Interactive Mapping System.

The SPP has a range of guidance and supporting material to assist local government implement the state interests.

Fact sheets


The draft SPP was released for statutory consultation between Monday 15 April and Wednesday 12 June, with over 300 submissions received. Local government, industry and community were invited to provide formal feedback to help finalise the SPP. Information sessions were held across the state to brief stakeholders with over 600 people attending. Feedback received during the public consultation phase was used to finalise the SPP.

SPP Interactive Mapping System

Some state interests have supporting mapping to assist in spatially representing the policy provisions or development assessment requirements. The SPP Interactive Mapping System contains both statutory and guidance (non-statutory) mapping, which can vary in certain circumstances. It is therefore necessary to read the relevant state interest to determine the context and ensure correct interpretation of the mapping and to understand the individual mapping layers that may apply to a location.

The data in the mapping information provides a trigger for local government to investigate and consider the relevant interest, and does not automatically preclude development. The mapping will be amended from time to time to ensure the most recent state information is available.

Access the SPP Interactive Mapping System here.


For more information about the SPP email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last updated on Monday, 06 January 2014