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SARA is supported by MyDAS, an online system that allows you to prepare and lodge or refer particular applications to the department, as the single state assessment and referral agency.

If you are lodging a development application to local government, as assessment manager, you do not use MyDAS to lodge the application to the local government.

MyDAS will provide:

  • online lodgement of development applications and tracking through the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) process
  • access to and assistance with preparing IDAS forms
  • integration with the DA mapping system
  • electronic payment of fees.

To prepare IDAS forms for lodgement there are two options:

  • prepare the IDAS forms through MyDAS
  • prepare the IDAS forms from a PDF format document to either print and write on, or fill in electronically.

IDAS checklists are also available to assist applicants determine if their development is assessable development under Schedule 3 of the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 and therefore requiring a development application. These checklists are available on the IDAS forms page.

For MyDAS technical support, call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) or visit Getting started with MyDAS.

MyDAS system outage: System maintenance outages of MyDAS will occur between 8am and 9am EVERY Wednesday. This will allow DSDIP to ensure any appropriate maintenance is carried out in a timely manner.

MyDAS user assistance videos and guide

View the video guides and user guide on how to use MyDAS:

MyDAS landing page and dashboard

How to refer your application

How to prepare a new application - Part 1

How to prepare a new application - Part 2

How to prepare a new application - Part 3

Process to register for applicant

1. Click here to register
2. Enter your name, email and phone number
3. Click on register. An email will be sent to the registered address.
4. Open your email and reply to the email.
5. Send your reply. Your registration will be processed and another email will be sent with your user account and password.

Initial log in:

6. Click on the MyDAS link on the DSDIP website.
7. Enter your user name and password.
8. Click on submit. You will be presented with the request to change your password.
9. Enter the password provided.
10. Enter a new password, ensuring it meets the minimum requirements of at least 8 characters long and include at least 1 number or special character.
11. Click on Submit. The MyDAS landing page will be displayed.

MyDAS Updates

The team regularly updates MyDAS to improve its usability and align it with current legislation and regulation. Information on MyDAS changes, improvements or updates are shown below:

Regulation change: drainage and embankment - Wednesday 18 February 2015

MyDAS outage - Saturday 25 October 2014

27 October 2014 release

4 October 2014 release

MyDAS login

New users: